NEW workout program coming in October…but you can start LIIFTing now!

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Joel Freeman, co-creator of Core De Force, is back with a brand new workout program! 4 days of workouts, 3 days off! 30 minute workouts of weights and HIIT cardio. 8 week program. No-nonsense super simple eating plan. AND, you get 32 completely new workouts so you’ll never see the same video again for the entire 8 weeks.

LIIFT4 launches on Beachbody On Demand on October 1. HOWEVER, you can get early VIP Access and start now.




Need help in choosing the perfect package? Use this super simple questionnaire that will pick the best options for you based on your answers.

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That one time…where Joel put us through one of his LIIFT4 workouts!

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